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AdTechMedia is an advertising platform with micropayments capabilities for media content monetization. We help publishers and content providers to generate complimentary revenue streams that are immune to ad blocking software (e.g. native advertising or native micropayments). Our solutions are white labeled, data driven and realtime.

AdTechMedia's patent pending plug-and-play technology enables publishers and content providers to let their users choose the ideal way they'd like to support content creation. Users can either decide to make frictionless micropayments or watch a single video ad to unlock content. Going this route, publishers can choose how much to charge for each article (e.g. 15 cents) or how long a video ad should be (e.g. 5 seconds).

Focused on the best user experience, this platform is embedded in your web site or web app to provide amazing native look and feel. If you are publisher or content provider, looking for sustainable solutions to overcome the ad blocking problem, AdTechMedia is the answer.

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ImpacT Academies & Camps

ImpacT Academies & Camps was created to give children the ability to get the digital skills needed to turn them from consumers to technological creators. Even if the child in the future will not activate in this sphere, these skills will help him achieve success in the contemporary world.

Using our own educational program, adapted from Silicon Valley schools, we teach not only technical skills - graphic design, programming, web sites, games, robotics, but also personal development skills: ability to manage time correctly, presentation skills, persuasion, negotiation, and others.

We are glad to extend the horizon of opportunities to the next generation, providing the skills needed to become a leader in the digital age. Join our trip!

iEllo IT

iELLO is an international IT solutions provider specialized in software development and SOA integration that provide organizations with unprecedented agility, scalability, interoperability, features and performance.

iELLO is proud of the self-assumed pioneering role as a SOA integration solutions provider in the region, based on a 100% enterprise class open source middleware platform from WSO2.

Out team has built an excellent reputation by implementing the most challenging projects and by promptly supporting our customers either during implementations or production support.

iELLO’s agility is supported by the extensive knowledge and expertise of the team that enable us to respond to customer requirements in a commercial challenging and technical competitive environment.

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